Koro Island, Fiji

Nothing Can Exceed Its Beauty - Owner Extremely Negotiable

Matana Plantation is the perfect tropical playground with all kinds of activities available. Enjoy the relaxation of the beaches, a swim, and the incredible views. For the more adventurous there are numerous trails of varying length and terrain, look for parrots and other exotic birds, waterfalls and stone ruins.

The crystal-clear water is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers. The waters are protected by reefs on all sides, perfect conditions for kayaking. Inside and outside the reefs are teaming with fish, great for sport or game fishing.

The harbour is sheltered in front, is deep water and is ideal for marina development and mooring boats.

The property has been maintained in the most pristine way, still undeveloped. When Captain Bligh landed on the beach, he remarked in his journal "Its beauty is unsurpassed."

Matana plantation has over 4 miles of sandy beaches. They are divided into 3 separate beaches: North Beach, Nola Point, and South Beach.

North Beach
North Beach is a long, sandy beach facing out to the Koro Sea. Perfect for long walks or a horseback ride. A deep water channel leads to a nice anchorage out front. Beautiful pristine snorkeling reefs emerge from just outside the shore.

Nola Point
The beach on Nola Point is one of the best swimming spots in Fiji. A deep sandy bottom allows great swims at all tides. Perfect spot for beach volleyball, picnic or watching the colourful sunset. In the view are the islands of Makogai, Ovalau and Namena.

South Beach
The best beach of the property, the long white sand beach of South Beach runs along the Western edge of Koro. Swimming is possible at all tides. Beautiful black rock and coral snorkeling exist. There is a nice trail connecting South Beach and North Beach.

Matana Plantation is over 800 acres of freehold land on the island of Koro, in the Lomaiviti Group of the Fiji Islands.

Although tourism and development are just coming into existence, the island has some substantial infrastructure already available, including basic roads across the island, airport with regular service, ferry boat wharf and regular shipping services and a bio-diesel plant which makes fuel from coconuts.

The property boasts thousands of coconut trees and beautiful tropical rainforest land. Waterfalls and stone ruins are connected by a maze of trails. Fresh bananas, papaya and other fruits and medicines grow wild. In the surrounding water is a perfect deep water anchorage and passage fit for small or large vessels. The snorkeling and scuba diving are among Fiji's best. The views of the sea, distant islands, and sunsets are breathtaking.

Matana South Seas Plantation has been accurately and exotically described by none other than Captain Bligh of His Majesty's ship "Providence", who during his historical journey from Tahiti to Batavia in 1789, wrote, "the island of Koro is of good height, it is easternmost of the islands I discovered and passed and recorded in my log book on May 6, 1789, on the Bounty's Launch.
"Nothing can exceed its beauty" said Captain Bligh.

The fee-simple title/s to the large landholding estate of 806 acres (whole) described as "Matana Plantation", is contained as follows.

Certificate of Title 5588 - Koro Island (part of) known as "Matana" consisting of 806 Freehold (fee simple) acres. "Matana" consists of the 4 following land titles:
* Folio C.G.500 known as "Nadawa" consisting of 86 acres
* Folio C.G.357 known as "Matana" consisting of 276 acres
* Folio C.G.473 known as "Nola#1" consisting of 234 acres
* Folio C.G.499 known as "Wailolo" consisting of 211 acres

Mantana offers extensive northwest landholdings, the harbours of Vatumatau Bay, plus the magnificent beach promontory knows as Wailolo Point or Nola Point. The location of the approximate 4 miles of white-sand beach frontage which bounds the whole western frontage to the entire estate is also shown. Only 8% of the land in Fiji is available in fee. All other (92%) is held in trust for the Fijian People.

Today the island, which was charted in 1792 by Bligh, is home to about 3,300 people, mostly native Fijians. The actress and model Lauren Hutton owns property in one of the island's few developments, where beachfront land sells for $600,000 a hectare.

Only a small percentage of Fiji's land is available for purchase by non citizens, ensuring a premium on prime property.

Matana is an extensive former copra-producing estate, of the same type which in the Fiji have been acquired and then re-developed for resort and related residential usage in the hands of new owners. The property is one of the few fee-simple or freehold estates on Koro Island. which itself has been untouched by the inroads of time and development, but which falls within a location and climate-belt lending itself to alternate re-development options, as described, subject to the usual authorities' consents. Koro Island has it's own airport serviced by Fiji Air, the inter-island airline centre.

Ranging from sea level at the approximate 4 miles of white sand beach frontage to 500' above (along the timber-line to the eastern boundary of the estate), the extensive landholding/s possesses stunning sunsets, varying contours within valleys, promontories, slopes and flats for alternative re-development options, without any major building constraints. There are no authorities' utility supplies of electric power, telephone, or water supplies available. The land is serviced by a number of running streams, waterfalls and creeks, providing ample water supply sources for any major development.

Matana is linked to the coastal roads serving Koro Island by plantation roads and tracks. The current owner located the road through the plantation high in the hills thus preserving the pristine beaches. Situated on an elevated plateau are a number of plantation worker quarters of the board & batten type, which have no material value in relationship to the overall value of the extensive landholding site.



Notable Features

  • 800 Acres of Freehold Island in Fiji
  • Unspoilt and Clean
  • Crystal-Clear Water
  • Protected by Reefs
  • 4 Miles of Sandy Beaches
  • Fee Simple Title
  • Pristine and Undeveloped
  • 3 Separate Beaches

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