Bangka Island, Sulawesi

Idyllic Beachfront Investment on Bangka Island

Bangka Island is located just north of the tip of Sulawesi and it has the most popular diving sites in Indonesia. It is known for its large expanse of grasslands along the hilltops of the central part of the island. Bangka produces a large quantity of cashew nuts and fishing, of course, is a staple occupation in the villages. One can still find deer roaming the grassland, though access to these highlands is limited.

There are four villages around Bangka Island, each one located along the shore. There are several very well known fine diving sites and these are only 30 minutes by boat from Manado and are easily accessed for day dives in addition to being a favourite stop of live-aboard trips.

This amazing parcel of land is for sale or rent (a minimum of 10 years at $US1 per square metre per annum). It has 100m of absolute beachfront and it is 276m on each side. The land is private and is about 500 metres from Murex Resort. There is a river on the land, so there is plenty of water! It is hilly at the back of the land, so it is the ideal spot to establish mountain bike riding tracks. It is the perfect position to build a resort. The sand is white and fine and the sea is safe for swimming and very clean.

There are a number of resorts in North Sulawesi and the locals are welcoming and friendly. The government has a mission to establish the tourism and hospitality industry in the area so that it will become another Bali, without all the commercialism - yet!

Other fabulous diving sites to discover are Siau Island, Bawonkeke Island, Tagulandang Island and Ruang Island where you will discover underwater bubbling and hot water volcanic lava, the astonishing steep pinnacles rising up from the ocean's floor, an abundance of reef fish including parrot fish, gropers, turtles, manta rays, barracuda, midnight blue trigger fish, dog tooth tuna and jack fish and stunning yellow, green, purple and red soft coral reefs.

Another magnificent and distinctive property that can be yours to enjoy personally or to establish as a resort or tourism facility ..... this is an amazing parcel of land in a stunning and pristine part of the world!

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Notable Features

  • Absolute beachfront land
  • Popular diving site
  • Private and pristine
  • Safe for swimming
  • Indonesian Sulawesi island
  • Can be rented or purchased
  • Ideal resort site

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